Aerial view of Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria


Romance in Lagos-Nigeria, is about how this dynamic city in the heart of West Africa enthrals everyone who walks through its streets with its vibrant energy, love, and vibrancy. Hi there, from Lagos, Nigeria. Romance blossoms in this city, where the frantic pace of contemporary life coexists with the rich fabric of history. Enchanting couples from all over the world, Lagos is tucked away along the glittering Gulf of Guinea coastline. But first, let’s pause to consider Nigeria’s colourful past before delving into the romance that engulfs this bustling city.

After Nigeria became independent in 1960, it was no longer a British colony, and a new era of unending potential began for this land of opportunity. Nigeria now boasts the largest economy on the continent and has become Africa’s economic superpower. Nigeria, with its rich cultural legacy and expanding economy, has emerged as a regional leader in development and prosperity.



However, the real essence of romance is realised in Lagos, the vibrant centre of Nigeria. Imagine walking hand in hand down Lekki Beach’s shoreline, where the Atlantic Ocean’s azure waves meet golden sands. Here, the soft lull of the waves and the warm embrace of the tropical air make the ideal setting for a passionate moment.

Lagos provides a plethora of lavish experiences that are likely to make an impression on people who are looking for a taste of luxury. Savour a romantic meal at one of the best restaurants in the city, such as the well-known Sky Restaurant, which is perched above the Eko Hotels & Suites and offers stunning views of the city skyline while you enjoy delicious food. Alternatively, take a dive into Victoria Island’s thriving food scene at the esteemed Terra Kulture, where classic Nigerian foods are reinterpreted with a contemporary flare, making for a mouth-watering and sensory-exciting meal experience. Read more:



What better place to hide away from the world after dinner than one of Lagos’s opulent 4-star establishments, like the opulent Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, which is perched on Victoria Island’s lovely waterfront? With luxurious amenities and expansive views of the Lagos Lagoon, the tastefully furnished rooms and suites provide an opulent setting in which to relax.

When the sun sets, Lagos comes to life, throbbing with the pulse of its exciting nightlife. For those who want to dance the night away in each other’s arms, the city has plenty of options, ranging from posh rooftop bars like The Rooftop at Four Points by Sheraton Lagos to exciting nightclubs like Quilox in Victoria Island. As you make memories that will last a lifetime, lose yourselves in the music, laughter, and electrifying atmosphere. 



The people of Lagos, however, may hold the real charm of the city; they are hospitable, friendly, and always willing to share their rich culture and hospitality with guests from near and far. Lagos has a way of stealing your heart from the moment you arrive, whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Ikoyi, taking in the breath-taking architecture of Victoria Island, or just taking in the sights and sounds of daily life.


So, dear traveller, as you plan your next journey, think about living a romantic life in Lagos, where passion, beauty, and history all come together to create a beautiful symphony of love. Let Lagos serve as the setting for your romance tale, whether you’re thinking of a romantic holiday for two or trying to rekindle your relationship with your partner. Writing my romantic book “Confessions of a Car Hire Driver 2” was precisely what I did. Everything is possible in this city of dreams, after all, even discovering true love in the most unlikely locations.

Come experience the enchantment of Lagos for yourself, and allow the allure of Nigeria’s most alluring city to steal your heart. Please see the teaser below and visit for additional information.


“Gary and Bimbo met in the evening at one particular cosy spot: Oh la Café on Thompson Avenue in Ikoyi, quite a romantic place to hang out. The café has a lot of trees and flowers, spacious outside seating, sumptuous local dishes, and a choice of drinks. Both Gary and Bimbo dressed casually but looked formal. They are strictly speaking and according to tradition; they are not supposed to meet on their own, meaning there should be a family member accompanying them around until the marriage ceremony is done. They are officially a married couple, but there are exceptions to every rule. Besides, they need to meet to do their rehearsals anyway. But they both needed to meet this evening; it’s been a while since they saw each other before Bimbo came back to Nigeria from the UK.

Gary was keen to meet Bimbo because he had his own ulterior motives, but Bimbo too had similar feelings; they both hugged, kissed, grabbed their seats, and ordered their drinks and some snacks to eat. It was late in the evening, so they needed to tie up a few loose ends and go back to their “humble” abodes. As they chatted with their chairs close to each other on the table, sipping their wine, they both touched and held each other’s hands. They both affirmed their love for each other while feeling their bodies’ warmth. They both needed to be closer to each other intimately for at least one more time before the wedding day.”

It’s going to be a fantastic experience. If you get a chance, pick up my book so you can travel to Lagos virtually before you visit. Sincere regards.

Confessions of a Car Hire Driver 2 book cover.


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