A classic sports car parked in front of a cottage house


Success is when you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get.  It is the accomplishment of one’s goals. The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or something similar that you wanted.

Success as an example is a classic sports car parked in front of a cottage house by its owner


From the above definition, we can say Success is quite broad for all intents and purposes. One can set his or her own goals in life. Moreover, go about achieving them and claim to be successful. It does not have to be only material or financial wealth. For most people, it is wealth period; so, if there is no wealth, then the opposite is a failure but that is too simplistic and no brainer definition.

We have millions of folks in so many varied professions.  Furthermore, many are quite successful in their own right by achieving their goals in life.  But not so much wealth in the strict sense of the word, can we call them failures? No.

Wealth and Success

If we use only the financial yardstick to measure success, then we could probably say only multimillionaires will qualify as successful people, is that right? Then we can conclude only about 1.1% of the world’s population are successful; so, say about 56 million out of over 7 billion people on this earth. I don’t think, the vast majority of working and middle-class people who are not millionaires consider themselves as failures, what’s more, most might not be that wealthy but are quite successful.

Holistic Definition of Success

I think the most reasonable definition of Success is; the accomplishment of any goals set by yourself, so from the small-scale village farmer to any cottage industry; that is producing what they want is successful. When one claims financial success; can one also confidently claim to be successful in education, marriage, family, children, physical body, mental, spirit, your environs, etc? It has to be rounded, balanced, and all-encompassing besides financial. In addition, one has to be prepared for his or her life’s successful journey. Read my Blog on Preparation; https://eea-marketing.com/blog/preparation/  


We should all try and own Success for ourselves, through what we do and the goals we set to achieve. Don’t allow others to define success for you, using only the financial yardstick. It’s a recipe for an unfulfilled life; as most likely, you might classify yourself as a failure.


Equally important, try and list your own achievements in life since you were born. List them on a piece of paper one by one and pat yourself on the back. You will realize, you have come a long way since birth, cheers to you. Just keep going, and you will achieve financial success on top of what you have done already. Maybe not a millionaire status, but if you can keep cash always in your pocket and get by every day; you more than good to go.  Finally, always remember; you are successful in your own right as far as you are happy and fulfilled. Please click the Image below to purchase the Business Success Book. Thank you

Copy of the Business Success Book with a fist hovering over Cash Money on the Cover

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A lady holding one dumbbell in a smilimg pose

A tray with a cheese burger, french fries and a pint of beer.


I labelled the above book “Business Success Book” but in fact, it’s a “LIFE Success Book”; the 30 recommended guidelines are all life-changing principles; not only to motivate you but sustain your journey in Life. Best Luck.

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