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Confessions of a Car Hire Driver is an adult contemporary romance novel. Published by EEA Marketing and available on Online Book stores A Fiction book written by Eddie Erskine-Ashun author of The Business Success Book and Guidelines to Own Your Success Book;

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An adult romance novel set in Accra, the Capital City of Ghana. The two main characters are Don, the Car Hire driver, and Abena, a Beautician and Hair stylist. They unintentionally met, fell in love, and went on a whirlwind romantic journey until they started falling apart. Because Abena and a “Big Man” appeared to be in a relationship while he pretended to help her travel abroad, their friends, as well as their immediate and extended families, play a significant role in their lives. Eventually, the inevitable occurs, just before a predetermined end to a happy existence for both of them.

Moments after falling in love, Don and Abena, as a couple, realised the challenges ahead of them: navigating their own family traditions in contrast to their own lifestyles and the need to strike a delicate balance to please both themselves and their families as a unit. This is a captivating love story with persuasive characters and provocative love moments. After the most challenging time in their relationship’s beginning, what they really need is time to settle down and see things through after facing challenges. How do Don and Abena achieve their dream of living together? Hopefully under one roof as a happily married and successful couple? How can they prevent acting rashly and making choices that could jeopardise their fledgling romantic relationship?


We were able to get a table and two seats with a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean close to the shore. One can see all the way to Tema Harbour, where massive cargo ships are anchored and illuminated by dazzling navigation lights. The numerous coloured lights around the seating areas created a tranquil atmosphere, and the sea breeze was delightful.

I placed a drink order; Abena went with a Pina Colada, while I went with Malibu and Coke on ice. The Baby Na Yoka Pub’s relentless Deejay was playing soulful music that helped us both unwind. After a few chats about ourselves, we made the decision to walk in the sand down the shore. While we wandered along the shore, Abena clasped our arms together.

Along the entire shoreline, couples were engaging in the same activity. It was rather enjoyable to observe people taking a night-time stroll down the beach as the moonlight cast a silhouette over the sea, giving it a blueish-green hue. After our walk along the shore, we went back to the pub, eager to return home together.

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Now is the time to get your copy of CONFESSIONS OF A CAR HIRE DRIVER and find out what happens next.


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